Ultimate Relaxation and Entertainment

Pools: King boasts its “bade” pool which utilizes premier whirlpool and water jet technology of varying strengths to provide you with a unique massage experience to relieve muscle pain and internal stress. Each powerful jet is designed to benefit different body parts to target problem areas including back, neck, arms, and legs by deeply treating the tissue and skin.

After lounging in the soothing water jets, take a calming ride on one of the lazy rivers. The lazy rivers are designed to be both calming and fun for people of all ages.

Kids will love the play pool complete with colorful tiles, footbridge, various water fountains, and of course, the 30ft. slide. The indoor water slide provides an exhilarating and exciting pastime for the kids while the adults relax and their drinks or massage.

Parents to ensure the future safety and the protection of their child. Tube and swimsuit rentals are also available to enhance the perfect water park experience.